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Death Toll by Bruce Ballon

... presented by Taylor Imagineering

Christopher Taylor and Bruce Ballon have teamed to bring you a spirit bell for the 21st century that is perfect for sťance, mentalism, magic or bizarre performances. Yes, it has many features that other Spirit Bells on the market already have but it also provides theatrical advantages that none other can match!
  • Spectators not only hear the bell ring, but they will also SEE the plunger fall and rise!
  • Death Toll has a disarming mundane, ordinary appearance!
  • Rings as often as you want, the instant you want it to.
  • Bellís dome can be removed to ďaccidentally proveĒ it is ordinary.
  • Radio control from 50 feet away.
  • Optional Toe-Switch transmitter for total hands-free control

  • AND, it can be used as a spectator cueing device. Cause a spectator to think THEY RANG THE BELL proving THEY are psychic!

Comes with brass electronic counter bell, transmitter, and instructional directions. The CD-ROM contains a pdf with video directions and Bruce Ballonís incredible routines. Bruce also includes an in-depth honest comparison of Death Toll to the other major Spirit devices on the market.

Here is an unsolicited review you might find interesting: http://www.theory11.com/forums/threads/draven-reviews-death-toll-by-bruce-ballon.28214/
Product price: $299.95 USD (Shipping not included)

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    Optional Toe-Switch Transmitter: We are offering a toe-switch transmitter with a $10.00USD discount when purchased with your Death Toll. If purchasing separately, the price is $49.95 + shipping); please select the option that includes your preferred shipping method.

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